Half to HeroesPopcorn Sales contribute Half to Heroes
Each fall, Scouts knock on doors in their communities to sell popcorn to benefit Scouting programs at the national, state and local level. As an incentive for selling, Scouts can earn gift cards from Amazon or Walmart. For example, a Scout who sells between $250 and $349 in popcorn earns a gift card worth $10. The rewards become larger with increased sales.

This year our scouts contributed over $1,350 in hard-earned popcorn sales rewards to the Indiana National Guard Relief Fund as part of their inaugural Half to Heroes effort to help needy soldiers and their families. Officials at the national Boy Scout headquarters know of no other time when Scouts have ever parted with their personal rewards from popcorn sales to benefit others.


Pinewood Derby
The first Pinewood Derby® was held in 1953 by Cub Scout Pack 280C of Manhattan Beach, California, operated by the North American Aviation Management Club. It was the brainchild of Cubmaster Donald Murphy. The derby, publicized in Boys’ Life in October 1954, was an instant and enduring hit. The magazine offered plans for the track and car, which featured “four wheels, four nails, and three blocks of wood.”

Webelos Adventure Camp
Camp Kikthawenund, located in Frankton, Indiana near Anderson, is the council’s resident Webelos Scout camp, which caters to the adventurous minds of nine and ten year-old boys. This popular offering gives Webelos a four-day, three-night camping experience with many unique facilities, like Fort Miami and Daniel Beard’s Tree Houses. Activities include, swimming, boating, crafts, nature study, shooting safety, air rifle and archery, knot tying, challenge area and many other activities. The program will help first and second year Webelos earn parts of many of the Webelos activity badges.

2013 Webelos Adventure Camp Flyer

Cub Scout Summer Camp
Belzer Cub Day Camp offers an exciting program for Cub Scouts, first and second year Webelos and Tiger Cubs. Camp is situated on a very wooded, more than 100 acre facility that has been developed over 90 years to provide a safe environment where Cub Scouts can learn about nature, sports, swimming, archery, BB gun safety, crafts and boating as well as enjoy four different challenge courses. The summer schedule has seven one week sessions beginning in June and ending in August. First year Webelos have the opportunity to earn the Webelos Camper award. Second year Webelos have the opportunity to earn the Firelight award. This program includes setting up a campsite, cooking, “Spark of Interest Trail” and much more. Make sure you tell your den leader you are interested in participating in this great program. In addition Belzer Day Camp offers a Friday night over night for Cub Scouts and their families if they wish to participate.


Tecumseh Tribe Camporee at Mississinewa 1812
Prepare to travel back in time to the age of our heroic namesake, Tecumseh. The year is 1812 and the Indiana countryside is scarred by the many battles between the Shawnee and those who seek to take their lands by force. It may be the final stand for the Native Americans of the Northwest frontier. With little help from their British allies, their only hope rides on the broad shoulders of the respected and feared Shawnee war chief, Tecumseh, and his valiant effort to unite the tribes in an historic confederation against their shared enemy. Smell the muskets! Feel the cannons! Hear the war cries!