Pack 105 Summer Camp 2015

Here is a link to some photos from Camp Belzer last year!

2014 Camp Belzer


  • Camp Belzer – Tigers/Wolves/Bears – June 15-19
  •  Reserve by 2/25 – $135
  • Reserve after 2/25 – $155
  • M-Th, at camp program times 8:15a-4:00p , Fri 12:30p-6:00p
  • Camp Kiktheweund – Webelos – June 17-20
  • Reserve by 2/25 – $150
  • Reserve after 2/25 – $170

FOR EITHER CAMP, we MUST have reservation information by 2/25 to qualify your scout for the early discount price.  Please reserve with your den leader.


Two SEPARATE camps, based upon the age of the scout WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO CAMP, not at this very moment.  This means that current Tigers will be registered as Wolves, current Bears will be registered as Webelos, etc.

Camp Belzer – Tigers, Wolves, and Bears

  • Dates are Mon June 15 through Fri June 19.  Friday night has an optional campout to extend to Saturday morning.
  • PACK 105 will provide bus transportation from Union to Camp Belzer and then back to Union each day, with Friday having transportation ONLY going to Camp Belzer – families are responsible for pickup at Belzer on Friday evening.  More details on that as time draws closer.  Please note, bus costs have increased from ~$750 in 2014 to $1170 for 2015 due to state law changes (no longer able to use Zionsville buses but will be using Durham Busing.)
  • Times are tentatively 7:30am pickup at Union and 4:30pm dropoff at Union each day, with an 11:45am pickup at Union on Friday – we will have confirmed times as we get closer.  Note that Camp Belzer is one hour in additional length compared to previous years.
  • In addition, Camp Belzer will provide hot lunch for the scouts so sack lunches will not be required as in years past.  They’ve managed to do this and keep the price the same as prior years thanks to popcorn sales and Friends of Scouting campaigns in the district.
  • Cost for the week – $125 if reserved by 2/25 and paid by April 10.  Cost if reserved after 2/25 or paid after April 10 will be $145.  The pack will put the nonrefundable reservation deposits down on 2/26, and we will collect full camp payments from parents in April to meet the April 10 early bird payment date.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend and help guide the scouts from activity to activity – parents are no charge unless you want to participate in the hot lunch at $2.50/day.  Siblings (both older and younger) are allowed as “Tag-a-longs”, participate with the scouts in most activities, and pay a daily fee that varies with their age.  We need a minimum ratio of 1 parent/adult leader per 10 scouts, minimum of 2 adults.  Our Pack 105 Camp Belzer coordinator will be in further touch as we get closer for volunteers.  I highly suggest that you take Youth Protection Training priorto attending camp – speak with our Pack Trainer Jimmy King for details.
  • Den Chiefs are allowed at a reduced rate but do not count toward the adult/scout ratio.  Reservations still must be made by 2/25.
  • More information on Camp Belzer can be found here:

Camp Kiktheweund (Camp K) – Webelos

Has been renamed for this year to Adventure Camp.

Dates are June 17-20.  As of now, checkin for scouts will start at 2p, with all Pack scouts needing to be checked in as a group.  Swim tests will take place upon arrival so pack (not Pack) and dress appropriately.

  • We will need to maintain a 1:4 ratio of adults:scouts.  As in year’s past, the Pack will pay registration fees for the required minimum number of adults – extra adults will be expected to pay their registration.
  • Camp will be structured a little different this year than in year’s past to accommodate Scouting’s new advancement requirements.  For those there last year, they will see a few program changes but nothing drastic.
  • Cost is $150 if reserved by 2/25 and paid by April 10.  Cost will be $170 if reserved after 2/25 or paid after April 10.  The Pack will reserve the scout’s camp spot, with full payment of camp fees collected in April to meet the April 10 deadline.
  • Den Chiefs are allowed at a reduced rate but do NOT count toward our adult/scout ratio. Reservations are still due by 2/25.
  • A Pack 105 Camp K coordinator will be in contact with parents as we get closer to camp dates with equipment lists, final times, and other information.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY BY CONTACTING YOUR DEN LEADER!  Pack 105 will submit hard reservation numbers on Feb 26!